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FAV1200-FAV1750 Shape Molding Machine with Vacuum

Products Details:

FAV1200-FAV1750 Shape Molding Machine with Vacuum

Main Features:

1. Machine structure: All frames are welded by 16/20mm steel plate, very strong. Machine legs are made by high-strength H type steel profile, foundation is not required from clients.

2. Filling system: Machine allows three filling modes: normal pressure filling, vacuum filling and pressurized filling. Material hopper has sensor to control material level, material discharging is done with rotary discharging plates, total 44 discharging holes.

3. Steam system: adopt balance valve and Germany electric gauge switch to control steaming.

4. Cooling system: vertical vacuum system with water spray device at the top make vacuum efficient.

5. Drainage system: increase mould outlet and use 6 inch drainage pipe and big butterfly valve, make moud draining faster.

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