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New use of EPS in dairy products packaging


Dairy products are nutrient-rich and vulnerable to human digestion and absorption. It is a very good food. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the types of dairy products are increasing, and the shelf life longer, also more convenient to carry and to drink, which are loved by public. All of these should be attributed to the development of packaging technology. Good packaging not only can extend the preservation period of dairy products, and ensure the quality of dairy products, but also conducive to storage and transportation, which would be a great to sales.The dairy packaging containers made by polystyrene has been got a new development recently. A kind of new milk packaging is made up of three layers of polystyrene, however, the middle layer is polystyrfene foam, covered both sides of the same non-foam polystyrene . Because the middle layer of polystyrene foam filled with air, the structure of this package has excellent insulation properties. In addition ,the middle layer not only can increase the strength and rigidity of the material, but also to maximize the aving of raw materials. Due to the white and smooth surface of polystyrene, delicate designs can be printed in color.